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The main challenges growing organizations are facing today are evolving business needs and complicated technologies used in their infrastructures. Today there is a huge need to understand the complex IT, Cloud and Telco environments and to select and run the right technology which is inline with the business objectives. The IT and network infrastructure is at the core of the business and the value from those should be maximized. Servlane will be your trusted partner to overcome your IT challenges and let you focus to grow your own business.

Servlane is specialized in IT, Cloud and Telco based technology solutions and helps its customers to implement complex projects on improving infrastructure, virtualization and the consolidation of data centers, applications and data, and also aims achieving lower-cost, higher-performance IT environment.


Servlane is an application and services integrator company in the field of IT, Cloud and Telco which was established in 2017. The corporate head office covering the whole European market is based in London, UK. ServLane targets to provide high quality, continuous and proactive solutions and services to its customers and business partners across Europe while assuring high availability for their business-critical applications and helping them to run their business operations more efficiently. With the specialized and highly talented technical staff, Servlane aims to solve the most complicated technical problems and issues of its customers and addressing the most critical IT, network and cyber security issues.


Our company mission is providing high quality, continuous and proactive services to our customers while assuring high availability for their business-critical applications and helping them to run their business operations in more effective way so they avoid any financial and reputation loss.


Our company vision is providing unique service quality to our customers with a real customer focus mind-set using the best engineering team, thus differentiating ServLane in the European market rapidly and taking the leader position.

Keys to Success

ServLane’s keys to success include:
• Strong experience in the IT and telecommunications market and covering a broad range of specific areas
such as IP & Broadband and network security domain
• Ability of sales, marketing and delivering support for the services provided to potential clients
• Providing quality, comprehensive, multi-functional solutions


Design A successful operation needs the right design. Our experts have the broadest experience to provide you the best of breed design in accord to your business needs and to help you avoiding unnecessary investment.

Consultancy Our expert consultants are able to guide you adapting the new technologies to help you grow your business.

Roll-out We are able to fulfill the roll-out phase according to the agreed design while keeping the operational downtimes as low as possible.

Operations We are ready to provide you a high quality onsite or remote operations support with our wide team of experts.

Optimization Not only fulfilling the routine operations but also we spend time and effort on how to optimize the infrastructure and configurations by doing periodical health checks and tests.

Training With the proven training templates and documents our experts can deliver onsite trainings and make our clients get benefit of their field experience.

Outsourcing Our clients contract out some of their IT operations and processes to us to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We keep the talent on behalf of them to provide when and where they need.

We are able to provide above explained services for the following areas:
Carrier-Grade NAT Application Delivery Networks
Enterprise Networking Security Assessment
Cloud Services Device Monitoring
Content Delivery and Caching Real User Monitoring
Transparent Internet Caching Radio Access Networks
Wireless Networks Services (WiFi, 3G, 4G) Digital Signage Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions (DDoS, Web Application Firewalls, Next Generation Firewalls)


Our team has a deep experience at high scale service providers. Servlane engineers took place in a lot of important projects like full CGNAT swapping, ADC migration, DNS system roll-out, Transparent Internet Caching onsite support, IP Core Network on-site support, Stadium WiFi projects, Virtualization projects, etc. Also delivering service in the enterprise segment to provide support on cyber-security, application delivery networks, web application firewall, etc. areas at very important accounts in banking, insurance, digital media, etc. verticals.

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